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Why do I need a landscape design?

Planning a landscape for a brand new house? Improving an existing home? Sprucing up a small area? Whatever the project, Country Landscapes is here to help you. We are all different, and our landscapes will vary as much as our personalities. Our goal is to have your yard and landscape reflect what you want and need from it. While landscaping is not, as they say, “rocket science,” only a designer with experience can create beauty, eliminate as many distractions as possible, and stay within a budget. The world’s most renowned landscape designer can not design intelligently unless he or she knows what the homeowner needs, wants, and likes. The landscape designers at Country Landscapes visit over 1,000 sites a year. Each site is unique, offering its own possibilities and challenges. We bring our experience and expertise to YOUR landscaping project.


I think I am interested in having Country Landscapes install a project. At what point should I contact you for a design appointment?

Our best advice is - the sooner the better. Our design service is quite popular, especially during our peak time (spring, summer, fall). We suggest that you call us well in advance of the start of your project. 

For new construction, we recommend an initial design appointment about the time framing is under way. (Be sure to call to schedule the appointment prior to that time.) By meeting with you before the final grading, we can guide you in various ways with your landscape design options. Depending on the situation, these considerations can lead to cost savings.


Does Country Landscapes offer a free landscape design?

We are a design + build company. We happily meet with customers and provide a design and estimate with the understanding that we will be installing the project.​  We may charge a fee depending on the scope of work and design load.

Our nursery centers in Ames and Clear Lake have knowledgeable staff to provide plant recommendations information.


Can we do our landscaping in phases or stages over a period of time?

This is a great way develop your landscape. Country Landscapes has many repeat customers who called us the first time for help with a specific project or area. As time and budget allow, they invite us back to design and install additional projects.


I’m excited about my project and ready to get signed up. However, I have a few changes and/or revisions. What’s the next step?

A signed proposal and 25% deposit is required to get on our construction schedule. As projects are scheduled in the order that deposits are received we recommend submitting your deposit as we make revisions. Please call, mail, email, or fax your designer to discuss complicated or detailed adjustments to your design. 


Why do I need to pay a 25% deposit?

The deposit guarantees you a place on our schedule. It is used for the procurement of materials for your project. It will also lock in the current year pricing (for example - if you sign up in the fall for a spring project installation, any increases in material or labor are not passed on).


When can you install my project?

This is an important question. We realize you are anxious to see the finished result. However, as with any type of construction, many factors are involved that make it impossible for us to commit to a definite date. The schedule may be influenced by weather conditions, availability of material, current project factors, or individual customer concerns. We will give you an approximate time frame for project installation at the time you sign up. As a general rule of thumb, most projects are installed within 4-8 weeks of the deposit date. Each project – no matter how large or small – is scheduled in the order that the deposit is received.


Can I make changes or additions to the design after I‘ve signed the proposal?

Yes. There may be changes or additions that you wish to make before work begins, or as work progresses. Please discuss any changes with your designer. Faxed or emailed confirmation of any change request is preferred. If revisions are major, or decisions aren’t made in a timely manner, there may be delays in the project start date.


Do I need to call for Utility Locates?

Country Landscapes takes responsibility for contacting One Call. We are required to do this by law. This will happen a minimum of 48 hours before our crew arrives at the job site. Country Landscapes and One Call do not take responsibility for “private” utilities-such as LP gas lines, irrigation lines, electrical lines to outdoor lights, or invisible dog fences. Included with your proposal is an attachment that further explains utility locates.


More questions?

Call the Design Center at Country Landscapes. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, or to set up an appointment for you to meet with a designer!

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